Souldier is a sophomore album by French singer-songwriter Jain. The album was released on the 24th August, 2018, with 10 tracks on it.

“Star premiered as a lead single, followed by “Alright” with an official video and “Souldier”.

Jeanne Louise Galice explains the concept behind the album title as a fighting something with music as your verbal weapon:

Mine is a battle of personal affirmation. I am 26 years old now and I always feel stronger and more independent. I want to make people understand that I have my place here. So in this record, there is a talk about fighting for something, a battle done with music, which means with peace and love. And I want to try people who can do it.

Jeanne started to work on this album in 2015, while being on tour supporting her debut album “Zanaka”. She says that songs for this record were mainly written in the tourbus:

They were born while I was around the tour and I usually wrote in the tourbus. For this reason they have many different influences, from hip hop to electronic music. Turning continuously I got to be in touch with different music and places that inspired me.

Souldier is a more personal record for Jeanne, 26, as she focuses on her now:

It’s an album that I wanted to go out quickly, so that it looks like me as much as possible. Having put much emphasis on adolescence and Congolese rumba during “Zanaka”, here I wanted to unveil myself more.

Jain is known for the positivity in her songs and the second album isn’t going to change this statement. Jeanne loves to listen to happy music and she loves to create happy music. She credits Kendrick Lamar and Bob Marley as the inspiration beyond the forthcoming record:

I’m a fan of Kendrick Lamar’s flow, Tito Puente’s sweetness, Fairuz’s elegance, Bob Marley’s melodies and, of all the music I love, I’ve tried to find mine. That’s how “Souldier” is born, the desire to mix what I like. The desire to deal with current or timeless topics and especially to live with my time, quickly.

Jain is an universal souldier who is ready to send her message of love and peace to this world. She doesn’t want to put any pressure on herself and wants to seduce everyone with her music as she declares the meaning of her music:

When I write songs, they are things that console me, from the negative to the positive. Behind his final optimistic message, the song “Alright” starts from a breakup, “Star” speaks with self-deprecation of the place that a young woman must be in the music industry, respect to find. “Souldier” is a soldier who seeks redemption.


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