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Only a few years ago, and on the back of their well-received Zion EP (Sony), Crossfaith were heralded as the next big thing, armed with a formidable live reputation and an electronica/dance heavy brand of metalcore that oozed crossover appeal. Fast forward to 2018 and the Osaka troupe haven’t quite risen to such promised heights, to the extent that a brand new album seems to have almost fallen under the radar to some – not that they have lost any edge, as Ex Machina (UNFD) is not only their most creative release to date, but their strongest since Zion.

Always tagged as a dance/metalcore outfit, Ex Machina certainly doesn’t shy away from this, but it seems to blend the two together more seamlessly. At times before such rave elements have felt a little thrown in for the sake of it, but Ex Machina is the most fluid and natural the band have pulled off, personified in the simply massive and immediate ‘Make A Move’ which is simply screaming to be aired in arenas.

DOWNLOAD Crossfaith – Ex Machina

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